Monday, 13 October 2008

The future of the TYA

I attended a meeting of TYA yoga teachers on Sunday (October 12) held by Swami Ambikananda in Purley, near Reading.

There are some very exciting and interesting things happening within the TYA which are of interest to us all.

Rather than detail them here I thought I would just use the website to urge people to seek out the information from Swami, Manisha, Arjuna or Uddhava and then you can decide for yourselves whether to take part.

It was a really positive meeting which opened up lots of new possibilities for TYA yoga teachers and their future.


Friday, 26 September 2008

Just wanted to publicly thank Lynnie for organising the teachers' get-together in Collingbourne Ducis earlier this month. It was a very useful day, with all of us able to air any thoughts and worries to like-minded people and a great deal of support came flooding back in return. We enjoyed getting our hands on Dave (the 'skellington'!) and enjoyed sharing some great ideas for our classes. The tea and biscuit selection were outstanding too!! Can't wait for the next one. In the meantime, why don't we make more use of this blog everyone as a support tool?

Here's my tip to get us started: We all have a task that we are procrastinating over, be it arranging a dentist appointment, repairing your son's ripped school trousers or organise your class marketing...

During July when my previous class imploded I found it very easy to say to myself that it wasn't worth advertising for new people as the summer holidays were upon us. After having it hanging over my head for a couple of weeks I took Lynnie's advice, (took ages to create some flyers because none of them were quite right) and eventually did a door to door letterbox drop in my chosen village.

Even before I got home that day someone had left me a message saying they wanted to start in September and before I knew it I had enough to start up a class again! The icing on the cake was that I was called that same week by the manager of a local Leisure Centre asking if I would like to consider becoming their new yoga teacher! So by getting on and facing my inertia I ended up with 2 new classes and the buzz from helping people relax and exercise safely.

The phrase that helped me do this was 'Everything is in place and events are unfolding' . By saying to myself that everything is in place, it somehow got me to get on with arranging things - I didn't want to keep lying to myself after all...Hope this phrase helps you to either find more patience, or galvanise you into action! Kind regards, Dee

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Clothes and tax

Hi it's Ben,

I had a chat with a friendly accountant last week - he gave me lots of good advice and in return I bought him glasses of wine.

He said a few interesting things. Here are a few highlights:

1. Claiming for the mileage from your home to the yoga studio or village hall is not allowed as it is considered private use, just as business people cannot claim mileage for their commute to work.

2. Claiming for clothing used specifically for teaching in is allowed.

3. Whilst it is possible to claim for teas, coffees and lunches with potential students, it is silly to put them under a 'client entertaining' category. Better to put them under 'sundries'.

4. It is more acceptable to 'make a loss' as a sole trader in the first year because of the new business costs but if you go on making a loss year after year, the tax office may look closer.

5. Get receipts from the people who rent the yoga hall to you (I forgot).

It does seem that there are different ways of doing things and one accountant will give one set of advice while another will say something else so if you have heard different pitch in your tips.

Monday, 21 July 2008

weekly-ish thought provoker

Here is a site I have signed up to that sends me thought provoking ideas around yoga. They are usually quite light-hearted! here is the link You can sign up here to get the regular e-mails sent to you.

Monday, 14 July 2008

yoga website

Found a yoga website called yoga its based on a magazine format and there are a few interesting articles to browse through.
Sharon Nagle

Friday, 27 June 2008

Summer break

Does anyone have any plans for interesting yoga retreats, workshops or classes over the summer?

Thursday, 12 June 2008

How to undermine your confidence in one easy motion

For a month now, I have been filling in for a yoga teacher called Ann who is the resident teacher at a local gym.

Waiting with the students before the class tonight a new one turned up and came up to me.

Female student: "Where's Ann?"
Me: "Hi, I'm filling in for Ann for a few weeks but she'll be back soon."
Female student: "I was really worried when they told me at the desk that a man was filling in."
Me: "Yes. Well. I'm the man. My name's Ben. Pleased to meet you."
Female student: "Hi. When is Ann back?"
Me: "Very soon. I'm filling in for the next two weeks so I'm afraid you've got me for a while. I'm sure we'll be fine!"
Female student: "Mmm."

Good confidence boost huh? What would you have done?

Click on comments and offer your advice...


Getting the word out

Hi. I get a few email newsletters from Yoga Journal magazine and this one is quite interesting as it gives a few tips on promotion and getting yourself out there.


In today's competitive yoga market, you can find a stand-out, experienced yoga teacher at nearly every corner studio. It seems unfair, though, that only a small percentage of them benefit from teaching full classes, while the rest struggle valiantly to maintain a regular base. Why do some thrive while other, equally great teachers can't seem to get a break? The difference often lies in their approach to marketing their classes and themselves.

In this issue of MYM, acquire basic marketing skills and explore finding a balance between marketing and your yogic values. Then, learn to promote your yoga studio. Finally, mentor teacher Ana Forrest answers your teaching questions.

Erica Rodefer


Marketing 101

Learn how simple, inexpensive marketing techniques can boost your class numbers and elevate your career.
By Sage Rountree

Marketing Yoga the Yogic Way

You don't have to compromise your values to fill your studio with eager students. Learn to infuse yoga philosophy into your marketing campaign, and make room for abundance.
By Dan Charnas

Promoting Your New Studio

Not all promotion has to be expensive—in fact, some of the best ways to spread the word cost little to nothing. Read on for a variety of budget-conscious methods to bring students to your new studio.
By Constance Loizos

Wednesday, 11 June 2008



I've added a comments feature to the site.

You can now click on the comments link underneath each entry and add comments to that specific post.


Registering with the Tax Office


I have just phone my tax office to find out about registering as self employeed.

They advised that I should call 0845 9154515 to register.

Apparently you must register within 3 months of being self employeed.

As I pay national insurance through my main employer I have to call this number and ask for a National Insurance exempt form.

The very helpful lady I spoke to said to keep all the recepits and details of earnings just as we discussed at the last training weekend. I would be sent a Self Assessment Tax Form in April and to enter the details onto this. She did say that training was not claimable though.

I have also spoken to the Self Assessment help line 0845 9000444. They said that we cannot claim for training that has been undertaken to become a Yoga Teacher but we can claim for training to assist with maintaining our knowledge whilst doing the work.

Also, the very helpful man said that you only pay tax on the profit made, so if for example in the first year you make a loss of £1,000 then you can either off set this against any tax you are paying if you are also earning in an employed job or carry this loss over to the next year. So if in the second year you made a proft of £1,000 you would not pay any tax.

We should also be able to claim for clothing.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes

Michelle Mead

Well done Ben!

Brilliant idea Ben! Thank you for being the one to do something about it!!
Love Dee

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Great Idea Ben

Ben, great idea to set up this site. I look forward to using it to commuicate with everyone.

I was really please with the class which I taught last night, I felt much more confident having formally qualified as a Yoga Teacher on Sunday (!)

Really enjoyed Sunday, it was a beautiful day and wonderful way to finish the 2 years training.

Well done and thanks to everyone.

Best wishes
Michelle Mead

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Welcome to the yoga support group


This is a web site for Traditional Yoga Association teachers and trainees.

It's designed to keep us in touch so that we can support each other through our shared experience of becoming or being yoga teachers.

Use it to pose questions, recommend books, ask for advice, offer guidance, share good and bad class experiences, identify music, advertise your classes, publicise workshops, post a message to an individual or a group of people and anything else that might help you or others.

This is a public website so it goes without saying that we must all try to use it with respect and integrity. Do not refer to class students by name.

You'll see links to useful websites on the right hand side and all the posts are recorded in an archive so you can access them at any time.

It's easy to post a message so give it a go.