Thursday, 23 June 2011

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Yoga teacher legal requirements

Do you belong?

Swami Ambikananda has asked that information from the Independent Yoga Network be published on this site.

It refers to that often debated question about whether you, as a yoga teacher, need to belong to certain organisations in order to teach yoga legally.

The short answer is you don't, but others will have you believe otherwise...

This hot topic will be discussed in more detail at the Traditional Yoga Association AGM on July 3rd but in the meantime here is the Independent Yoga Network's version of events. (You'll notice a link at the bottom of the statement which takes you to a more detailed article)

Independent Yoga Network: YOGA TEACHING - THE REAL TRUTH!
"There are no legal requirements for Yoga teachers and there is no statutory legislation governing the teaching of Yoga in the UK other than common law. Despite this fact the press and the rumour mill are full of misinformation on the matter of who can teach Yoga and what viable and authentic teacher training is."

Independent Yoga Network: "YOGA Regulation - What you need to know! REPs, Governing Body Status & Who’s Who in the regulation game"