Thursday, 12 June 2008

How to undermine your confidence in one easy motion

For a month now, I have been filling in for a yoga teacher called Ann who is the resident teacher at a local gym.

Waiting with the students before the class tonight a new one turned up and came up to me.

Female student: "Where's Ann?"
Me: "Hi, I'm filling in for Ann for a few weeks but she'll be back soon."
Female student: "I was really worried when they told me at the desk that a man was filling in."
Me: "Yes. Well. I'm the man. My name's Ben. Pleased to meet you."
Female student: "Hi. When is Ann back?"
Me: "Very soon. I'm filling in for the next two weeks so I'm afraid you've got me for a while. I'm sure we'll be fine!"
Female student: "Mmm."

Good confidence boost huh? What would you have done?

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