Thursday, 12 June 2008

Getting the word out

Hi. I get a few email newsletters from Yoga Journal magazine and this one is quite interesting as it gives a few tips on promotion and getting yourself out there.


In today's competitive yoga market, you can find a stand-out, experienced yoga teacher at nearly every corner studio. It seems unfair, though, that only a small percentage of them benefit from teaching full classes, while the rest struggle valiantly to maintain a regular base. Why do some thrive while other, equally great teachers can't seem to get a break? The difference often lies in their approach to marketing their classes and themselves.

In this issue of MYM, acquire basic marketing skills and explore finding a balance between marketing and your yogic values. Then, learn to promote your yoga studio. Finally, mentor teacher Ana Forrest answers your teaching questions.

Erica Rodefer


Marketing 101

Learn how simple, inexpensive marketing techniques can boost your class numbers and elevate your career.
By Sage Rountree

Marketing Yoga the Yogic Way

You don't have to compromise your values to fill your studio with eager students. Learn to infuse yoga philosophy into your marketing campaign, and make room for abundance.
By Dan Charnas

Promoting Your New Studio

Not all promotion has to be expensive—in fact, some of the best ways to spread the word cost little to nothing. Read on for a variety of budget-conscious methods to bring students to your new studio.
By Constance Loizos

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