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CD Relax into Health
Relaxation is a powerful technique that can deliver significant benefits to health and wellbeing, particularly considering the stress generated by busy modern lives. Being exposed to sustained stress can cause psychological and physical ill health.

Through listening to this CD, you will learn the value of relaxation and how to get the maximum benefit in daily life. Time spent in relaxation can vary in length and depth, but practise is the key to success.

Julie Currier is a trained nurse, midwife, health visitor and Yoga teacher, and has considerable knowledge of well-being, breathing and relaxation techniques. Through her experience as a health professional she has seen the effect sustained stress on physical and mental wellbeing.
Julie says, ‘ Taking time out to relax is the first step towards relieving tension, improving circulation and rejuvenating energy levels. Practice will enable you to succeed.’

1 Relaxation benefits 3.33
2 Time and place 3.53
3 Getting ready 1.33
4 Short relaxation 1.37
5 Calm through breath 6.29
6 Preparing to move 1.21
7 Prepare to release tension 1.35
8 Releasing tension 10.28
9 Preparing to move 2.27
10 Deep relaxation technique 2.23
11 Deep relaxation 11.54
12 Visualisation 5.53
13 Preparing to move 2.08Track
14 Soft panpipe music 2.51

£12.99 + p&p

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Hatha Yoga with Julie Currier
Villa Gokbel, near Dalyan, Turkey
October 3 – October 11, 2011
From £380

You will be staying at a charming villa located in the beautiful Dalyan delta, not far from the famous Iztuzu beach famous for its nesting turtles. The villa has magnificent panoramic views of the Turkish countryside and a nearby lake. There are eight guest rooms, all unique in character and including air conditioning and en-suite facilities. The food is excellent.

Villa Gokbel is perfectly situated for getting away from everything and provides an ideal relaxing retreat environment. You can enjoy your yoga, rest by the pool, soak in the sun or just enjoy the views. You can also visit Dalyan Village which has a patisserie, small supermarkets, a spice shop and a various gift stores.

Within the garden is a shaded, purpose built Yoga space, wonderful for gentle flowing Yoga postures, relaxation and meditation. Morning Yoga sessions are scheduled for 7.45am. A substantial breakfast follows, served at 10.00am. This leaves the majority of the day clear for you to go exploring, relax or enjoy yourself around the Villa. Evening Yoga sessions are scheduled for 6.00pm, followed by an evening meal at 8pm.

As one of my students you will receive a discount, just mention my name.

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Free Spirit Yoga Holidays on 01273 564 230


Dear Yoginis and Yogins,

Here's a course we thought you might be interested in....

*BodyTalk Access seminar****Sunday 14th August, 2011 in Reading*
Time: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
with Pratibha Bedarkar, CBP, BAT

*BodyTalk Access **
**Learn in a day, use for a lifetime!*

*BodyTalk Access is designed to:**
*· Calm your Body & Mind
· Reduce Tension, Stress & Pain
· Improve your Wellbeing, Co-ordination,
Flexibility, Hydration & Circulation,
Memory & Concentration

*Who benefits from BodyTalk Access techniques?*

If you:

· have longstanding health issues

· are affected by Stress

· like to improve the general functioning and

performance of your body

· like to improve your flexibility

and co-ordination

Everyone has a lot to gain and nothing to lose by using BodyTalk Access...

Access is a 1-day seminar designed for lay people which:
- teaches 5 simple, yet highly effective techniques
- addresses about 50 - 60 % of health challenges
people encounter
- non-invasive improves general health and well-being
- works alongside any medical treatment people might
- empowers people to help themselves
- safe (no know side effects or contra indications)

*Seminar costs: £ 100.
**Early Bird Discount*: £80 book and pay by 31st July 2011

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on 0118 9790841 or
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Kind regards