Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Bag Issue

On Monday night a few of the Mukti volunteers attended the launch of The
Bag Issue in London hosted by Trudie and Sting. It is a new venture of
John Bird, founder of The Big Issue to give people eco bags. Our patron,
Trudie Styler, persuaded John to use bags made by the children of Karm
Marg through their Jugaad label.

There has been a fabulous press coverage of the event and Mukti has now
even made it to the dizzy heights of being on the home page of Sting's
official website. Check it out:

Click here or go to

Lots of love, Swami A

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Variety show for Mukti

Children have been raising money for children and the grand evening of entertainment is nearly here so please book your ticket! Click on poster to enlarge.

For tickets contact:
Hema Patel :0118 9624741
Nita Bhadresa: 07717157074
Uddhava Samman: 0118 9581817

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Recovering yogi

Dear Yoginis and Yogins,

Found this article by a Yogin and found it to be excellent : thought
provoking and stimulating. Enjoy!

Recovering Yogi

In peace, Swami Ambikananda

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Building Courage

The Building Confidence Workshop was a truly wonderful and useful experience. I’ll be the first to admit that I allowed myself to enjoy the yoga sessions for me and did not have my ‘remembering-moves-head’ on! If anyone wants to get together for a cup of tea/ biscuit and to help each other remember the moves we learned, so that we can pass the moves on, you are very welcome to come to Dee’s house one day 11-2. Just let me know which day is convenient.

Kind regards

Dee Johnson
0753 2268877

Brain exercise

Michelle shared this article she found online about staying mentally fit. Enjoy.

Staying fit mentally is as important as maintaining our physical health. It is vital to exercise our brain regularly just like we exercise the rest of our body.

According to studies, physical activity and brain exercise programs help reduce anxiety and depression in individuals. Moreover, such programs also play a key role in enhancing the plasticity of the brain which is its ability to continue to develop and change throughout your life.... more.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Picnic in the garden

Margaret Manning has very kindly invited members of the TYA to her home for a picnic on Sunday 4th September from 2.00 - 6.00 pm. We shall be able to enjoy Margaret's beautiful garden and you are very welcome to bring your children and partner if you wish.

Margaret's address is available from Uddhava. Margaret is going to organise some drinks for us and would be grateful if you could bring a plate of food to share for the picnic.

Please could you let Uddhava know whether you are able to make the picnic or not.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Building courage - FULLY BOOKED!

The Yoga Teachers 'Building Courage' Workshop is now booked out - there were 35 places and all have gone. There was a huge response to this 1-day workshop and we will now only be able to accept people on a waiting list in case anyone drops out.

THE Traditional Yoga Association and Garuda Yoga are running a special one-day yoga teachers workshop on the subject of Building Courage.

Taking place on Sunday 25th September 2011 from 10am to 5pm the workshop will be informative as well as having a strong practical element with four presenters in all.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated that by 2012 depression will be the most prevalent disease in the world! We live in an a world of increasingly rapid change in which it is easy to feel alienated and out of touch ~ yet Yoga calls us to a deep connection.

Keeping connected takes courage as solitude can turn into isolation, strength into rigidity, and loss and change into depression.

As Yoga teachers and practitioners we will encounter depression over the next decade in those we teach.~ or maybe even meet it in ourselves.

Therefore this 1 - Day Workshop will focus on what Yoga can offer to help us remain open and connected and to build and sustain courage through its mental, physical and spiritual practices.


James D’Silva, Founder Garuda Yoga

James came to England from Goa to pursue his career as a professional dancer and choreographer ~ working successfully in Europe and America. After sustaining an injury James changed the focus of his work and increased his commitment to Yoga. From his personal practice and his work with people suffering from all the ills of modern life, Garuda Yoga was born. It conforms to the traditional principles of Yoga by bringing body, mind and spirit into alignment in order to make ourselves available for transformation.

In 2000 James opened his own studio in London and his reputation quickly spread. Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and our own Mukti patron Trudie Styler, all became his students. James now teaches throughout the world, developing Garuda Yoga with people of different levels of physical and mental fitness.

On the Building Courage Workshop James will guide us through bodywork ~ beginning with working from a chair and gentle movement, through to deep and challenging Garuda Yoga ~ making strengthening of the body and vitality available to all, whatever one’s level of fitness and ability.

Swami Ambikananda will talk about the ancient perspective of the mind and its field, the brain and meditation. Her sessions will be informative and practical as she guides us through meditations that awaken us to the beauty of the inner landscape, inviting us to bring all dimensions of our being into contemplative awareness.

Dr. Mrigank Mishra is a Consultant Psychiatrist in the NHS with a specialist interest in the holistic treatment of mental illnesses.Dr. Mishra is a keen advocate of Yoga’s perspective and will talk to us about the different forms of depression and anxiety disorders and what medical science currently offers in their treatment. Later in the day he will also introduce us to the Music of Meditation and its many benefits.

Anisha Tailor has just completed her MSc in Health Psychology and has carried out research investigating the mental, emotional and physical effects of mindfulness practice. She is particularly interested in how yoga and meditation can benefit those experiencing depression as a result of a serious health condition. Anisha will give us a presentation on the most recent research studies of depression, yoga and meditation.

TYA/Garuda Yoga Members: £70
Non TYA Members: £85

(Earn 4REPS CPD Points)


UDDHAVA ON 01189 581817 OR

Thursday, 23 June 2011

TYA Summer School

It's that time of year again. Help raise money for the TYA and sample yoga with some of the best TYA instructors. (Click on the image to make it bigger)

Yoga teacher legal requirements

Do you belong?

Swami Ambikananda has asked that information from the Independent Yoga Network be published on this site.

It refers to that often debated question about whether you, as a yoga teacher, need to belong to certain organisations in order to teach yoga legally.

The short answer is you don't, but others will have you believe otherwise...

This hot topic will be discussed in more detail at the Traditional Yoga Association AGM on July 3rd but in the meantime here is the Independent Yoga Network's version of events. (You'll notice a link at the bottom of the statement which takes you to a more detailed article)

Independent Yoga Network: YOGA TEACHING - THE REAL TRUTH!
"There are no legal requirements for Yoga teachers and there is no statutory legislation governing the teaching of Yoga in the UK other than common law. Despite this fact the press and the rumour mill are full of misinformation on the matter of who can teach Yoga and what viable and authentic teacher training is."

Independent Yoga Network: "YOGA Regulation - What you need to know! REPs, Governing Body Status & Who’s Who in the regulation game"

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Workshops in Wales

Swami Ambikananda is runnng two workshops at Arjuna's yoga centre in Wales; 'Bio-Tensegrity and Yoga' and 'Yoga and Jyotish' - Click on the leaflets below to see the information in close detail. To book contact Uddhava on 0118 958 1817 or

Friday, 8 April 2011

Thoughts on asana

TYA teacher Hermione writes with a few thoughts...

Just a few thoughts. I have just attended a yoga workshop in the village. Kate a Hatha Yoga teacher was excellent, but challenged me with her method of doing asana. For example Trikonasana was taught with the hips facing not to the front but to the forward leg and the pelvis rotated fully towards the forward leg. With abdominal control both of the pelvis the lower back and the ribs, the triangle was formed by rotating the thoracic spine. It was a very effective posture especially for those people with stiff mid thoraces. Little or no emphasis was given to the neck position, but much was made of rooting through the legs and feet. I have taught this posture with hips facing the front and the stretch occuring up the side of the body opening the lower back and the ribs and have made a point of the neck posture. There were several other standing postures in which my understanding was challenged. I trained a long time ago, so have had an opportunity to reflect on this difference in teaching. Whilst it is quite possible that teaching has changed with modern knowledge and thinking ( I trained a very long time ago and do not have the benefit of swamiji's teaching here in Wales) I also enjoyed the idea that postures can be modified and taught in ways that challenge the body mind in a different way, with equal but different benefits.

What do others think? With best wishes to all Hermione

Monday, 4 April 2011

Let's have a get together

TYA teacher Margaret Manning writes...

Hi everyone,

It was great to see those of you who were at the 1st.Aid course yesterday, enabling us to catch up for a few, all too brief, moments with our news. I did enjoy catching up, also sharing our teaching problems.

We really ought to aim for a get-together during the summer, maybe we could have a picnic or B.B.Q at my home. I would be very happy, so if anyone is interested we could aim for a date. No need to leave children behind - my garden is good for kids! The more the merrier.

What a pity we have had to cancel the retreat, but it wasn't to be.

Keep up the good work we have learned from our beloved Sw.Ambikanada!

Fondest love to you all.


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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Spring birth!

Swami Ambikananda writes with the following news...

"Grace Elouise was born to Yogini Tracey on Wednesday the 16th March. We congratulate both Mum and Dad, Simon, and welcome Grace into her new life."

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Retreat cancelled

Please be aware that the TYA Retreat has been cancelled because there was not enough support to allow it to go ahead. The financial restraints felt by everyone at this time affected the take-up quite dramatically. In different economic times an event like this will be more realistic but now seems not to be the time. Everybody who booked and paid will be refunded in full. Thank you for your interest in this event and thank you to all those who put so much work into trying to make this happen.