Friday, 26 September 2008

Just wanted to publicly thank Lynnie for organising the teachers' get-together in Collingbourne Ducis earlier this month. It was a very useful day, with all of us able to air any thoughts and worries to like-minded people and a great deal of support came flooding back in return. We enjoyed getting our hands on Dave (the 'skellington'!) and enjoyed sharing some great ideas for our classes. The tea and biscuit selection were outstanding too!! Can't wait for the next one. In the meantime, why don't we make more use of this blog everyone as a support tool?

Here's my tip to get us started: We all have a task that we are procrastinating over, be it arranging a dentist appointment, repairing your son's ripped school trousers or organise your class marketing...

During July when my previous class imploded I found it very easy to say to myself that it wasn't worth advertising for new people as the summer holidays were upon us. After having it hanging over my head for a couple of weeks I took Lynnie's advice, (took ages to create some flyers because none of them were quite right) and eventually did a door to door letterbox drop in my chosen village.

Even before I got home that day someone had left me a message saying they wanted to start in September and before I knew it I had enough to start up a class again! The icing on the cake was that I was called that same week by the manager of a local Leisure Centre asking if I would like to consider becoming their new yoga teacher! So by getting on and facing my inertia I ended up with 2 new classes and the buzz from helping people relax and exercise safely.

The phrase that helped me do this was 'Everything is in place and events are unfolding' . By saying to myself that everything is in place, it somehow got me to get on with arranging things - I didn't want to keep lying to myself after all...Hope this phrase helps you to either find more patience, or galvanise you into action! Kind regards, Dee

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