Thursday, 26 November 2009

SUPER Surya Namaskar-athon 2009!

As I am sure you are aware the Surya Namaskar-athon 2009 took place at Whitesheet Primary School in Zeals on the border between Wiltshire, Somerset and Dorset on Sunday 15th November.

This was the eighth annual sun salutation day raising more than £6,000 with still more to come, through people’s generous support, sponsorships and other collections.

What a superb result for MUKTI! The event was a real coming together of commitment and energy from all who helped out and took part on the day.

Organised and supported by yoga teachers and friends in the local community, the event was a wonderful gathering of optimistic, warm and compassionate people, two of whom are pictured above, who came together to boost the funds for the MUKTI project.

Swami Ambikananda, the founder of the MUKTI project paid a special visit to lend her support. Swamiji updated everyone on the work of the project before going on to complete a number of sun salutations. She thanked guests and organisers and enjoyed the warmth and energy of the day.

This year a bigger event was on offer starting at 11am and continuing throughout the day past 5pm, allowing both visitors and participants to drop in and spend time with like-minded people.

At the heart of the room yogis and yoginis performed sponsored sun salutations around a beautiful central artistic depiction of the sun, itself lit up with candles.

Tempting sweet and savoury food and drinks made by volunteers was laid out for guests on one side of the room and enjoyed by all.

Opposite stretched a table packed to bursting with beautifully crafted bags, wallets, clothes, mirrors, yoga bags and more items hand-made by the children which MUKTI supports. These wonderful gifts were snapped up by guests shopping for early Christmas presents as well as treating themselves.

There was also the chance for visitors to try mini-pampering sessions submitting themselves to the healing hands of Reiki, Indian head massage and reflexology practitioners. These sessions were extremely popular and helped to raise a substantial amount of money for MUKTI on the day.

New to the event this year was the Yoga Relaxation Room, a welcoming womb of a room with soft floors, drapes, blankets and cushions and a yoga teacher on hand to sooth away stress with gentle and relaxing yoga nidras.

Why not book out next year’s Surya Namaskar-athon date in your diary and get involved in whichever way you choose. Without the support and love of all the yoginis and yogis from near and far, volunteers, guests and visitors, we would not be able to keep bringing smiles to the faces of the MUKTI children.

It is the healing and optimistic atmosphere, defined by its warmth and compassion which surely helps make the Surya Namaskar-athon such a happy, enjoyable and welcome event to be a part of year on year.

We look forward to seeing you next year at Surya Namaskar-athon 2010!

If you want to be part of next year's event there are many different ways you can help - give Arjuna a call or email Ben at to share in the experience.

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